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"I have worn the EndSnor™ every night for five years and it has changed my life. I have amazing energy and feel very rested. My snoring completely stopped the first night of wearing EndSnor™. I have obstructive sleep apnea and was waking up short of breath, my wife couldn't sleep and was very unhappy. The EndSnor™ is comfortable and I have had no problems in five years. You saved my marriage. Thank you, Endsnor."

Joe M., Fresno, California.

"I began snoring 3 years ago, much to the chagrin of my husband! My snoring not only disrupted his sleep, but I found I wasn't getting enough rest myself. EndSnor is incredible! The very first night I used it, I slept a solid 8 hours and every night since has been wonderful. Just ask my husband! Thanks to you all at EndSnor."

Claudia Gramps, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"My wife, Nancy, has had a major problem with snoring much of her life, something I didn't appreciate when we were married three years ago! I fitted her for EndSnor, mostly as an experiment. The result is incredible. She sleeps through the night.... and so do I!

Rowan McQuarrie, D.D.S., Hayden, Colorado

"As a Sleep Specialist, who also suffers from moderate obstructive sleep apnea, I have found the EndSnor™ dental appliance to be an EXCELLENT alternative to CPAP. I personally use EndSnor™ and have done research on its effectiveness."

Arnold Rugama, M.D.
Valley Regional Sleep Disorders Center
Fresno, California


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EndSnor™ is presented exclusively by EndSnor, LLC, a Fresno, CA based company. EndSnor, LLC exclusively contracts all manufacturing of the EndSnor™ snore and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea solution to Dockstader Orthodontic Lab, Inc., also a Fresno based, full service dental lab. Copyright @ 2004-2009 & | EndSnor, LLC. | All rights reserved.