What causes snoring?

A constriction in the airway. There is not enough air traveling easily and freely to and through the lungs from the mouth. This usually causes the soft tissues of the throat to come in contact with each other and vibrate.

This obstruction releases only when the blood carbon dioxide levels rise high enough to create a discomfort sufficient to awaken the patient. There are over 40 million people who have snoring disorders to the extent that their daily lives are affected and their personal health may be at risk.

Sleepless nights are causing ineffective careers as well as major adverse effects on relationships, marriages and sex lives of the affected parties.

Why does EndSnor™ Appliance work?

Because it moves the bottom jaw forward enough to create a clean, clear air passage between the mouth and the lungs.

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The dentist-prescribed solution for snoring. An adjustable mandibular repositioning appliance researched and developed for patient treatment.

Manufactured and designed by Dockstader Orthodontic Lab, Inc.


EndSnor™ Appliance - the dentist-prescribed solution for snoring.

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Features of EndSnor™ Appliance


1. Individually custom-fit via mold by dentist.

2. Ball clasps allow for firm grip to teeth.

3. Adjustability to ensure handling of the most problematic snoring challenges.

4. The bar around the bottom teeth made from special metal with guaranteed strength.

EndSnor is trademarked and the design legally protected.



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EndSnor™ is presented exclusively by EndSnor, LLC, a Fresno, CA based company. EndSnor, LLC exclusively contracts all manufacturing of the EndSnor™ snore solution to Dockstader Orthodontic Lab, Inc., also a Fresno based, full service dental lab.
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