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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get EndSnor™?
EndSnor™ is available through your personal dentist. This is because each EndSnor™ requires an individual fitting to the patient's mouth. This fitting requires the professional capability of a dentist to insure that the lab-developed EndSnor™ fits perfectly patient to patient. Endsnor™ is indicated for persons 18 years or older who wish to reduce the incidence of snoring and/or mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

2. How long does it take to receive my EndSnor™ device?
Between 8 and 10 working days. This time allows for shipping of patient's mouth mold to the lab for customized fabrication and for the return of the finished EndSnor™ product to your dentist.

3. Is the EndSnor™ covered by insurance?
Yes, in many instances. Dental offices have had some companies cover them 100%. It is usually the medical insurance, they will require a sleep study diagnosis which we always recommend.

4. Does the appliance require a lot of adjustment after I receive it?
No. 90% of patients have their snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea reduced with the lowest setting and never have to have it adjusted. The other 10% will need to be increased once or twice and usually never again.

5. Is EndSnor™ comfortable to wear?
There is about a week adjustment period as is common with all oral dental appliances. When you wake up in the morning you will be just biting on your front teeth. Within 15-20 minutes the muscles will go back to normal biting positions. Endsnor is the ultimate solution for snoring, for comfort, durability and effectiveness.

6. Will my bite or teeth change?
We have had a few patients where their contacts between the back teeth can open slightly. A small price to pay for the benefit you receive. If appliance is left out a few days, the contacts close. Potential long term side effects for some patients include permanent changes in bite and tooth movement.

7. I'm concerned about TMJ. Will this aggravate or cause TMJ?
The appliance moves your jaw open and forward which actually creates more room in the joint and actually causes many clicking TMJ problems to disappear. However, in rare incidences some patients may experience TMJ dysfunction.

8. As a patient, can I order EndSnor™ directly from you?
No. You must go to your dentist, refer him or her to our website, ENDSNOR.COM. He takes precise impressions, delivers and fits the EndSnor™ to you. You pay your dentist and their office will submit to your insurance company.

9. What does EndSnor™ cost?
The cost to the patient will range from $900 to $1,300 depending on your dentist's fees.

10. Why is the EndSnor™ so expensive?
This is a very sophisticated, adjustable, and comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece which truly works. Quite likely, there will be two or three visits to your dentist as well as a substantial construction laboratory fee to the dentist. As perspective, EndSnor™ is considerably less expensive than the alternatives, such as, surgery, where costs will run in excess of $5,000 or CPAP which is very uncomfortable and the costs are more than EndSnor™.


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